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Incara | Legrand United Kingdom

Legrand ranges - Incara

Incara is a range of beautifully designed yet simple to use furniture solutions. With countless options providing power and data where the user needs it, Incara is perfect for any modern flexible workspace.

Incara function and finish

Function and finish

With Incara, users can get to work immediately as both power and data are available within reach. Having a vast range of functions and finishes that can be customised to meet specific requirements, this range improves the lives of users by providing functionality, ergonomics, comfort and style. 

Incara is available in both timeless and colourful finishes that can enhance the aesthetics of any workspace whether it’s an office, hotel, cafe or airport.

The modern workspace

As a leader in wiring devices, Legrand has developed Incara to meet the ever-changing needs of the workspace. Areas for people to work independently are just as important as shared offices and meeting rooms. Easy access to power or data sockets whenever and wherever they are needed ensures seamless transitions between these different ways of working.

Sustainability and quality

Sustainability and quality

Our designers are always mindful of the circularity of our products when designing new solutions, considering the full life cycle from manufacturing methods and materials to use and recycling. But quality is our overriding priority. The best way to help the environment is to choose a product that will last.


Incara in-desk

Incara on-desk

Incara cable spines