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Video wall | Legrand United Kingdom

Video wall

Watch the latest product and installation videos from Legrand UK and Ireland.

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At Legrand we have the knowledge to transform spaces. The spaces where we live and the spaces where we work and meet. Through the delivery of power, lighting and digital infrastructures, we bring total control to spaces for business, learning, leisure, travel and almost every kind of commerce. Building a more sustainable world for everybody.

Switchboard enclosures in collaboration with Elsteel

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Designed and manufactured to the highest quality, our switchboard enclosures can house Legrand protection devices. Our modular switchboard enclosures have been independently tested using our circuit protection devices to 4000A and Zucchini XCP incoming and outgoing busbar to ensure we can offer a complete solution for your LV needs.

How Product Environmental Profiles (PEPs) support sustainability goals

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Training & BIM Manager, Matt Crunden, discusses the benefits of Product Environmental Profiles and how they support sustainability goals. As part of Legrand's commitment to providing our customers with sustainable solutions, we have published PEP files for many of our products.

Cablofil Fasclic+

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Introducing a tough solution that is easy to install... Cablofil Fasclic+ steel wire cable tray features integrated couplers ensuring quick, toolless connections with the greatest of ease and minimum effort.

Bticino configurator

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See just how quick and easy it is to build a #DoorEntry system using our Bticino configurator in four simple steps.

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