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Generally occupying vast spaces, warehouse design and construction requires consideration to ensure the building has sufficient power - as well as only lighting and heating certain parts of the building at certain times.

By highlighting the challenges that may be faced within a warehouse project we aim to offer the best solutions.

Warehouse ceilings, complex layout, CP Electronics detectors

High ceiling

Areas of increased height and complex layout require a lighting control system that can operate as per the needs of the space. CP Electronics sensors can create tailored detection patterns based on the position of storage racks for aisles, common areas, corners etc. The superior optics within these detectors give enough sensitivity to detect movement from all angles including behind and under objects.  

Power distribution, busbar, lighting control

Power distribution and versatility

Utilising warehouse space effectively is vital to continually smooth operation and this means the building must be able to adapt to changes in layout, such as product storage changes or additional packing areas. In order to create a versatile and scalable building the power distribution infrastructure must be adaptable. With solutions such as flexible lighting busbar, that allows simple reconfiguration of lighting systems, as well as modular lighting control systems we are able to meet the needs of any warehouse project.  

warehouse security, access control, door entry, bticino

Safety and security

Ensuring the safety and security of people using a warehouse is paramount when designing the space.

For multiple access points our Bticino door entry offering can provide a simple to install system that operates individual doors allowing for the operator within that area to allow access for collections and deliveries.

Maintenance is also a key safety consideration in a building with high ceilings, the readback functionality within our CP Electronics detectors allows for reconfiguration to be completed from floor level, removing the need for lifting equipment when changing settings.

shell and core image

Shell and core

We want to support you through every stage of your project and that means understanding your needs at the shell and core phase. We specialise in high quality cable management solutions, a range of power distribution options as well as well as protection, control and measurement products.

Energy efficiency

Our energy efficiency program provides a suite of products and solutions designed to reduce energy consumption and deliver energy savings. We also have a team of product specialists and technical experts on hand to guide and support you throughout your project.

Energy efficiency


At Legrand we are committed to improving lives and this means creating a more sustainable world for everybody. We specialise in electrical and digital infrastructure, we provide solutions for buildings that are simple, innovative and sustainable in their usage and by design.