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Switchboard enclosures | Legrand United Kingdom

Switchboard enclosures

Designed and manufactured to the highest quality, our switchboard enclosures can house Legrand protection devices.

Our modular switchboard enclosures have been independently tested using our circuit protection devices to 4000A and Zucchini XCP incoming and outgoing busbar to ensure we can offer a complete solution for your LV needs.

Suitable for main switchboards, distribution switchboards, package substations, fixed or withdrawable, power factor correction and UPS applications.

Switchboard, Switchboard assemblies, IP55, BS EN 61439-2, Form 4 Type 7, busbar systems

Our products can be utilised in BS type fully verified switchboard systems

Switchboard assemblies offer ingress protection of up to IP43 and form of separation up to Form 4 Type 7. They are suitable for connection to busbar systems up to 4000 A and certified for withstand up to 100 kA for 1 second.​

Independently verified in accordance with IEC / BS EN 61439-2.

Protection devices, ACBs, MCBs, energy efficiency

Protection devices: A complete portfolio for any installation

Legrand offers ACBs, MCCBs and other protection devices for complete circuit protection, operator safety, energy efficiency and reliability in critical power environments.

LV system solutions, low voltage solutions

A complete solution for LV power distribution

​ All Legrand products are built with superior design and quality manufacturing, and are delivered with service excellence to meet the demanding requirements of any building.


Switchboard enclosures in collaboration with Elsteel


Elsteel Switchboard Brochure
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Elsteel techno module & Legrand circuit protection
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DMX³ and DMX³-I - Air circuit breakers and trip-free switches
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DPX³ 125 HP & 250 HP, DPX³ 630 & 1600 - Moulded case circuit breakers
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Energy efficiency

Our energy efficiency program provides a suite of products and solutions designed to reduce energy consumption and deliver energy savings. We also have a team of product specialists and technical experts on hand to guide and support you throughout your project.

Energy efficiency


At Legrand we are committed to improving lives and this means creating a more sustainable world for everybody. We specialise in electrical and digital infrastructure, we provide solutions for buildings that are simple, innovative and sustainable in their usage and by design.


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