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What's New | Legrand United Kingdom

What's New

Innovation is one of our key driving forces. With an increasing investment in research and development (circa 5% of sales) and over 3,700 active patents, Legrand focuses on maintaining a high rate of new product launches that present innovative solutions to the market.

The latest product launches and innovations can be found below.

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At Legrand we have the knowledge to transform spaces. The spaces where we live and the spaces where we work and meet. Through the delivery of power, lighting and digital infrastructures, we bring total control to spaces for business, learning, leisure, travel and almost every kind of commerce. Building a more sustainable world for everybody.

Education - Sustainability constraints and Corporate Social Responsibility targets


At Legrand we are committed to improving lives and this means creating a more sustainable world for everybody.

Education - Comfort and wellbeing of students and staff in education facilities, functional learning, lighting control

Ip 66 Weatherproof Floor Boxes

IP 66 floor boxes are ideal for indoor or outdoor use and can be installed in concrete or raised floors. 



Incara is a range of functional, ergonomic wiring devices dedicated to any modern, flexible workspace, 

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