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Bticino was established just after the second world war and through its substantial innovations, modern design thinking and attention to problem solving has become a well-known brand in more than 60 countries around the world.

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Italian design

Bticino was the first Italian manufacturer to tackle the problem of producing electrical components in light of modern design thinking. This design led approach continues to this day in technology and production process automation, and also in the brand’s care and attention towards contemporary household needs and uses. Through further study of form, materials, and colour, these factors have brought us towards a new conception of design.

Bticino, door entry, innovation

Continued innovation

For us, design isn’t just a decorative tool, it is the ability to participate in projects and create innovative solutions that positively impact the spaces where people live and work. This principle has led to the frequent renewal of Bticino product ranges (20% a year) and, in particular, the creation and introduction of new technology to consumers.

Supporting you every step of the way

Our Bticino configurator can help save time and money by creating a multi-dwelling door entry system, in four quick and easy steps. Create a full door entry system design overview, including an exportable material list and locate your nearest distributor. We also offer dedicated installer training courses so we can help you understand the best product solution for your project and how to smoothly and efficiently install a Bticino system.


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Bticino configurator

Bticino configurator

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