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History | Legrand United Kingdom

Our history

Legrand's French roots date back to 1865 and it still operates from the city it originated in, Limoges. More locally, the company was first established in the UK in 1971 and has grown considerably over time. This growth is fueled by innovation and the steady stream of new, high value-added product launches this brings, plus acquisitions of companies that (typically) hold leading positions and have specialised technological expertise in growing markets.

Our future

As we continue to grow as a business we will continue to take a sustainable approach in everything we do, from manufacturing to how our products are recycled. We will strive to create a circular economy with the welfare of our planet at the heart of our development.

Our people continue to be our greatest asset and as a responsible business we will continue to promote diversity and inclusion within all areas of our business. We won’t shy away from difficult topics and will make clear where we have made changes to ensure we continue to be a responsible employer.

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