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Corporate Social Responsibility | Legrand United Kingdom

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Legrand we are committed to improving lives and this means creating a more sustainable world for everybody.


As a specialist in electrical and digital infrastructure, we provide solutions for buildings that are simple, innovative and sustainable in their usage and by design. By working hand in hand with our partners as well as further improving our internal processes our aim is to reduce and, if possible, eliminate the negative impact our activities have on the environment and the communities we work with.

To achieve this, reducing our carbon footprint and developing a circular economy approach within our activities are our priorities. In addition, we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, while being a responsible business in our day-to-day relationships with all our stakeholders, especially our employees, customers and suppliers.

Legrand has 4 main areas of action to improve lives

Legrand has laid out its CSR commitments in four main areas, which bring together the most material challenges for the Group and its stakeholders:

Banner image showing our four CSR pillars - Develop a circular economy, Reduce our carbon footprint, Promote diversity and inclusion, Be a responsible business

Develop a circular economy

In order to develop a circular economy and reduce our impact on the environment we take into consideration not only the manufacturing of a product but its entire lifecycle including recyclability. This ecosystem facilitates the efficient use of natural resources and is based on complete recovery of all waste through end of life processing channels for all Legrand products.


Reduce our carbon footprint

In order to limit the impact of the our activities on climate change, Legrand is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and that of its products by:

  • Reducing its direct greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enabling customers and buildings to reduce their energy consumption
  • Supporting its suppliers on a trajectory to reduce carbon emissions

Promote diversity and inclusion

We are committed to eradicating all forms of discrimination, this commitment includes respect for workplace equality, ethnic representation, integration of people with disabilities, intergenerational collaboration, social and cultural diversity, and inclusion of the LGBT+ community.

responsible business

Be a responsible business

Acting as a responsible company means working for both internal and external stakeholders, while adopting exemplary behaviour and carrying out activities with the utmost respect for business ethics. "A pioneer and leader on its market, Legrand favors the well-being of its stakeholders, in particular of its employees and clients. Legrand improves lives especially thanks to the 'Serenity On' welfare programme, which aims to offer to its employees around the world, a minimum social protection on parenthood, healthcare and death / disability." Bénédicte BAHIER, Executive VP Human Resources

CSR Certificates

Discover more about the actions and tools Legrand uses to deliver a more sustainable future for all its partners.

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