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Commissioning | Legrand United Kingdom


Our team of skilled commissioning engineers is on hand to assist you in optimising the performance of our lighting controls, enabling maximum energy efficiency.

This will provide your client with the best possible product features and reduce the pressure on your organisation's resources, allowing you to focus on delivering your project as efficiently as possible.

CP electronics commissioning certificate with warranty

Commissioning certification

Upon completion of project commissioning, we will grant you a Commissioning Certificate and a 12 month return-to-site warranty in tandem with our standard five year return-to-factory policy. If necessary, we can also offer additional post commissioning support, including a 'soft landing' approach, ensuring your client has a professional project handover experience.

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Want more information?

Our commissioning packages can be tailored to your needs and we have a team of specialists that can help you understand and optimise your lighting control, for more information on commissioning contact us on+44 (0)333 900 067 or visit our contact us page.