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Powered by Specialists | Legrand United Kingdom

Powered by Specialists

At Legrand we have the knowledge to transform spaces. The spaces where we live and the spaces where we work and meet. 
Through the delivery of power, lighting and digital infrastructures, we bring total control to spaces for business, learning, leisure, travel and almost every kind of commerce. Building a more sustainable world for everybody.


Powered by Specialists - Applications & Solutions

Legrand powered by specialists - Healthcare application


With the current demand for healthcare services, facilities are facing immense pressure to operate smoothly and effectively, whilst creating an environment conducive with well-being and recovery. With our expertise in healthcare projects we can offer products, service and support that meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Legrand powered by specialists - Education application


Educational facilities are evolving. Schools are a constant and invaluable part of any community, but as much as teaching continues to adapt, so do the utilities and systems they use.

Legrand powered by specialists - Data centre application

Data centres

The landscape of data centre design continues to evolve and change with the increasing demand for higher reliability and faster connections. Combining relevance and reliability, our dedicated data centre solutions allow you to meet the most demanding requirements, particularly in terms of cooling, power, availability and security.

Legrand powered by specialists - MDU application

Multi-dwelling units

The design and production of multi-dwelling units requires consideration for both shell and core construction as well as the fit out of individual apartments within the building. Our team of experts can assist with both stages of the planning process and we offer a vast range of products and solutions to create sustainable and comfortable living environments.

Legrand powered by specialists - Offices application


Creating an office environment that is inviting and productive requires products that seamlessly fit in with their surroundings whilst remaining functional and flexible. We can support you with every stage of your project from design to construction and then the final fit out. We can also help you future-proof your office space.

Legrand powered by specialists - Warehouse application


Generally occupying vast spaces, warehouse design and construction requires consideration to ensure the building has sufficient power - as well as only lighting and heating certain parts of the building at certain times. By highlighting the challenges that may be faced within a warehouse project we aim to offer the best solutions.

Legrand powered by specialists - EV charging solution

EV charging

There is little doubt that electric vehicles will continue to be the way forward for environmentally friendly travel. The growth in the EV (electric vehicles) market over the last few years means the need for reliable and speed efficient charging is increasing rapidly. We offer a solution that supports EV charging for work and public spaces as well as the infrastructure needed.

Legrand powered by specialists - Rail application


Rail construction projects can be complex due to the variation in environment (indoors and outdoors), extreme conditions (vibration, weather, high traffic) and the need to keep public spaces open and functioning. By highlighting the challenges that may be faced within rail projects we aim to offer the best solution in each environment.

Legrand powered by specialists - Low voltage solution

Low voltage solution

Legrand is able to offer a full low voltage (LV) package solution from a trusted global manufacturer, with support throughout each stage of your project



From the management of highly dangerous substances to the sterile environment of food production, an industrial facility has vast and varying demands when it comes to the construction of the building. A scalable infrastructure that supports a range of challenges is key and Legrand can offer many solutions to meet these needs.

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