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EV Charging | Legrand United Kingdom

Electric vehicle charging solutions

There is little doubt that electric vehicles will continue to be the way forward for environmentally friendly travel. The growth in the EV (electric vehicle) market over the last few years means the need for reliable and speed efficient charging is increasing rapidly. We offer a solution that supports EV charging for work and public spaces as well as the power distribution infrastructure needed.


Charging devices

By combining expertise and product ranges from our brands Ensto and Ecotap we can offer a range of innovative and high-quality EV chargers that can be installed in both work and public spaces as well as rapid charging for commercial environments.


EV charging infrastructure

We understand that the physical charging unit is only one part of the EV charging process and have a suite of products that work together to create a complete power distribution solution including transformers, busbar, protection devices and distribution enclosures.

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Support throughout your project

When you work with us you’ll receive expert support at every stage. Alongside our specialist sales and technical support teams you’ll also benefit from CPD seminars, product environmental profiles (PEP), product training, quotations service and site visits.

EV charging products 

EV charging

MV transformers

Zucchini busbar

Protection, control & measurement


Electric vehicle (EV) charging brochure
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EV charging white paper
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Energy efficiency

Our energy efficiency program provides a suite of products and solutions designed to reduce energy consumption and deliver energy savings. We also have a team of product specialists and technical experts on hand to guide and support you throughout your project.

Energy efficiency


At Legrand we are committed to improving lives and this means creating a more sustainable world for everybody. We specialise in electrical and digital infrastructure, we provide solutions for buildings that are simple, innovative and sustainable in their usage and by design.


Need more information on a product, looking for a quote or need technical support? Contact us to speak to our team of specialists.

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