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USystems | Legrand United Kingdom


The USystems brand is renowned for innovative cooling and rack solutions. We benefit from over 20 years' experience in design and manufacturing energy efficient, industry leading solutions.

cutting edge brand, Usytems

A cutting edge brand

Established in 2003 USystems has undergone much investment and innovation to become the premium go-to brand for cutting edge energy saving data centre cooling and intelligent micro data centre EDGE products.

Cooling solutions

Cooling solutions

USystems provides products that enhance data centre cooling to global businesses, making their data centres, and more importantly the world, more environmentally friendly. The brand continues to gain multiple awards and recognition for state-of-the-art data centre cooling solutions designed to significantly reduce energy utilising natural resources.

Sustainable cooling

Sustainable cooling

At USystems, we have been working tirelessly on efficient technologies which allow our customers to reach the IT densities required. This is combined with unprecedented levels of sustainable cooling efficiency with the ability to scale and without the need to supplement cooling.
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