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PEP files | Legrand United Kingdom

PEP files

Product environmental profile files, also known as PEP files, outline the impacts of a construction material, product or building system throughout its life. PEP files breakdown these impacts through the entire life cycle, from manufacture, throughout their use and then their eventual disposal.

Legrand’s environmental commitments

Within our PEP files we also highlight our three environmental commitments, as shown below. We breakdown these commitments in order for you to reassure your customer of how we intend to meet them.  

Incorporate environmental management into our industrial sites 

Of all Legrand sites worldwide, over 80% are ISO 14001-certified (sites belonging to the Group for more than five years).

Involve the environment in product design 

Provide our customers with all relevant information (composition, consumption, end of life, etc.). Reduce the environmental impact of products over their whole life cycle.

Offer our customers environmentally friendly solutions

Develop innovative solutions to help our customers design more energy efficient, better managed and more environmentally friendly installations.

Cablofil - Stainless steel

Cablofil EZ

Cablofil GC

Electrak floor boxes

Electrak Intersoc-R

Electrak powertrak system

Green Transformers High Efficiency TIER2

Salamandre distribution trunking - pre-galvanised finish

Swifts cable ladder

Swifts cable tray

Zucchini XCP HP and XCP S (aluminium)

Zucchini XCP HP and XCP S (copper)

Swifts cable ladder