Salamandre distribution trunking

Salamandre distribution trunking sets the standard for fitting speed. With its unique pre-fitted coupling system, integrated shake-proof screws and a clip-on lid, fitting times can be 50% quicker than any alternative, at least. Together with a smooth safety edge for easier handling, the extensive Salamandre range is the ideal fit for anyone focused on reducing installation times.

The innovative design of Salamandre has led not only to real time, demonstrable savings for installers and contractors, but also to a significantly reduced total installed cost. Save time on site, save money on labour costs.

More innovations... more ways to save time

  • Clip-on lid
  • Pre-fitted couplers
  • Multi-head screws
  • Convenient slotted ends
  • Safety edge

Salamandre IP4X distribution trunking meets the IP4X requirements of the amendment to the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations which came into force on January 1st 2012. This has been achieved through the introduction of a cover strap, which is simply connected to each coupler over the joint between the two lids, and a new range of IP4X fittings that integrate fully with existing lengths and accessories to deliver a fully compliant solution.

Salamandre lighting trunking has been designed with ease and speed of installation in mind:

  • Full width covers can be used throughout the installation eliminating the need for additional fitting covers
  • Wider opening for increased space and easier access to cables
  • Friction grip couplers and fittings are automatically held in place by metal tabs that grip the trunking base leaving hands free to tighten fixing screws
  • Fixing screws are supplied in the backed-off position, making it easy to just slide the connector into place and secure the screws

Salamandre IP55 distribution trunking has been developed to answer growing demands for trunking systems that are suitable for more challenging environments. CPC (clear powder coating) offers extended life expectancy over traditional pre-galvanised trunking systems and with the inclusion of neoprene gasketed trunking lids our system can achieve an IP rating of IP55. Other benefits include outward return flanges for greater strength, captive bushes for faster fixing of lids, couplers and accessories and the lids and bodies are supplied separately for effective materials management.


Salamandre distribution trunking from Legrand

Salamandre distribution trunking is now 50% faster to fit than its predecessor. - pre-fitted couplers to one end of each length - clip-on lid for fast, secure fitting and easy maintenance - push fit, quarter turn release turnbuckles - shake-proof captive screws - smooth curved return for safer handling and minimised cable damage