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Technical guide to cable management systems | Legrand United Kingdom

Technical guide to cable management systems 

CPD training - Technical guide to cable management systems

Cost: Free
Ideal for: Architects, Product specifiers, Facilities Managers, Electrical consulting engineers, Electrical contractors
Course Duration: 1 hour (to include a Q&A session)
Location: Seminars can be carried out at our Birmingham head office or delivered at client premises anywhere in the UK
Contact us: Email UK Training

Seminar overview Seminar content

This new ‘technically’ based CPD presentation, covering cable management systems, is aimed at more experienced engineers with a greater depth of knowledge over the subject matter. The presentation includes: introduction; installation of the system; installation of the cable; environment; regulations and standards; summary; further learning and Q&A.

At the end of the seminar, participants will have considered:

  • Ladders and trays should only be employed for their intended use
  • Safe use of these products is best ensured by installing parts that have been designed and tested together as a system
  • Due consideration should be made to deflection limits and to load tests in order to make true comparison
  • Location of support positions and the type of fittings selected in regards to bending radii of the cables is key
  • Selecting the right finish for the environment should be of paramount consideration
  • Ladders and trays should be considered as integral parts of the building fabric
  • Introduction
  • Installation of the system
    • structural characteristics
    • support systems
    • straight cable ladder and cable tray lengths
    • coupler types
    • fittings
  • Installation of the cable
    •  power cables
    • electro mechanical effect
  •  Environment
    • selection of right material and finishes
    • finishes
    • loading
  • Regulations and standards
  • Summary
  • Further Learning
  • Q&A

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