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With a wide variety of both CPD and installer training course available via our Training Academy we are sure can help you progress a project, upskill you in key areas and provide you with the knowledge to select the best products for any job.

Our training academy also boasts two well equipped training centres, one on Birmingham and one in London. Interactive installer panels and fully stocked demonstration kits give you the most real-life experience possible. We are able to offer bespoke training from both facilities as well as regularly scheduled installers training courses.

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EV Charging – an introduction

The market for EV charging solutions continues to grow. Providing access to EV charging can give businesses an important competitive advantage. EV charging devices can help businesses achieve sustainability goals, promote green values and improve their brand image.

Delivering flexible and adaptable office space

An introduction to commercial powertrack systems specifically in comparison with other underfloor electrical systems covering the need for flexible office space and installation options for underfloor electrical systems.

Technical guide to cable management systems

This new ‘technically’ based CPD presentation, covering cable management systems, is aimed at more experienced engineers with a greater depth of knowledge over the subject matter.

Specifying central power supply systems

This presentation aims to provide a guide to specifying Central Power Supply Systems (CPSS).

Delivering flexibility and control to commercial lighting solutions

An introduction to commercial lighting systems specifically reviewing lighting system options including lighting installations, lighting adaptability, upgrading and control.

Implementing tier rated solutions in line with the Uptime Institute guidelines

This presentation explores the tier ratings of resilience as defined by the Uptime Institute and examines how UPSs can be incorporated into these guidelines

Implementation of modular UPS design in a PAYG business model

This presentation explores the concept of a PAYG (Pay as you Grow) business model in relation to the implementation of modular UPS.

Arc Flash - Estimating Incident Energy in open channel solutions

This presentation explores the tier ratings of resilience as defined by the Uptime Institute and examines how UPSs can be incorporated into these guidelines.

Guide to specifying medium voltage transformers

An introduction to medium voltage transformers, specifically discussing issues relating to cast resin transformers (CRTs) including guidance on the types of transformer available and the design criteria.

The benefits of busway overhead power distribution in mission critical application

The purpose of this presentation is to provide education on technical, operational, environmental, and economical benefits of utilising more modern techniques for power distribution in mission critical environments.

Guide to busbar trunking systems

This seminar provides an aid to the interpretation of the standards to which busbar trunking systems are designed, safely installed and used. The presentation looks at busbar applications, types, components and performance as well as installation and testing.

Creating an energy efficient electrical backbone

This presentation looks specifically at a building’s electrical backbone and recommends a product pathway to achieve energy efficiency in this vital area. The seminar considers industry drivers, solutions to achieve an energy efficient electrical backbone and relevant design considerations.

Creating a cable pathway through a building

Sitting against the backdrop of the Dame Judith Hackitt Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety Final Report, this session will provide guidance and recommendations to best specify cable containment systems to maximise fire safety and explain how to create a cable pathway through a building.