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Using Walk Towards and Walk Across | Legrand United Kingdom

Using walk towards and walk across

What is walk towards?

This is the process of walking towards the sensing area of a PIR detector which may result in later detection as it is possible to walk towards the PIR sensors without crossing them (which is required for detection).


What is walk across? 

When walking across the detection area of a PIR, you often find it results in a rapid detection because multiple sensors are crossed quickly triggering the detector.


Walk towards and walk across with CP Electronics detectors

All CP Electronics detectors feature walk towards and walk across capabilities. Meaning if you walk at a PIR sensor where you cross less sensor beams the detector will still pick you up. When you walk across the sensor you will always have greater sensitivity as your are crossing more beams and thus trigging the detector quicker. 

The microwave devices by CP Electronics use a different technology so walk towards and walk across is not as applicable.