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Graduated Dimming Explained | Legrand United Kingdom

Graduated dimming explained

Graduated dimming enables the lighting within a space to dim progressively from the source of natural illuminance in response to changes in natural light levels. This maximises the use of daylight within a space and minimises energy consumption and over-lighting of an area.

An example of where graduated dimming is an effective energy saving solution is along a large wing of an office block. With windows running along the length of the building, you don’t want the whole area to be dimmed right down to the minimum, as natural light can be less effective after 4m from the window. Graduated dimming enables each set of lights to be targeted at different dimming rates from the photocell so the further you get from the window the less the light fittings are able to automatically dim down.

CP Electronics offer the perfect solution

Our RAPID lighting control system enables complete granular control of each light fitting and give you the possibility to daylight harvest over multiple dedicated photocells.

Not only does the RAPID lighting control system provide individual control of each presence detector, but also each output channel with DALI feedback capability. This gives the ability to have site wide full control with optional emergency testing and monitoring with our monitoring server, RAPID ELS.


Graduated dimming explained

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