Solutions for energy efficiency in buildings

Solutions for energy efficiency in buildings
Ideal for:
Architects, designers, product specifiers, facilities managers, electrical consulting engineers, electrical contractors, energy champions
Course Duration:
1 hour
Seminars can be carried out at our Birmingham head office, Legrand Training Centre, Great King Street North, Birmingham, B19 2LF, or delivered at client premises anywhere in the UK
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Seminar Overview

This seminar covers the importance of energy efficiency; energy efficiency legislation and incentives; standardisation (regulations and standards); additional schemes and strategies; solutions for energy efficiency in buildings: generic project examples and real life project examples.

At the end of the seminar, participants will:

  • Have an understanding of energy efficiency in terms of its importance and relevance
  • Have an understanding of the factors involved in order to achieve successful energy efficiency
  • Have a basic outline of different global standards
  • Have an understanding of international incentives & legislation
  • Be able to discuss and share solutions for energy efficiency in buildings covering energy distribution, management and data centres
Seminar Content
  • The importance of energy efficiency
  • Energy efficiency carrot and stick (legislation and incentives)
  • Standardisation (regulations and standards) 
  • Additional schemes and strategies
  • Solutions for energy efficiency in buildings:
    1. Green transformers
    2. HE (green) busbars 
    3. HE UPS
    4. Metering and control 
    5. HVAC control 
    6. Lighting management 
    7. EV charging stations 
    8. Data centre cooling
    9. Smart PDU
  • Generic project examples
  • Real life project examples
  • Summary
  • Further study and learning
  • Q&A