Minkels data centre and server room solutions are well known across the globe. Innovation and flexibility are key to success, and ensure that clients always profit from the latest data centre technologies. Minkels modular solutions are fully adaptable to individual requirements and the evolving needs of data centre and server room infrastructures.


Data centres rely on scalable, energy efficient and future-proof server and network cabinets in order to meet increased demands. These demands are a result of the exponential rise in digitalisation, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Edge and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Minkels extensive Nexpand range is perfectly suited for installation around servers, switches, patch panels, routers and storage equipment.


Aisle containment presents the solutions required to optimise cooling and energy efficiency through the separation of hot and cold airflows.

Minkels Next Generation Corridor and Free Standing Corridor offer future-proof solutions with the flexibility and modularity needed. The Free Standing Corridor is the perfect solution when flexibility is required, a fully self-supporting aisle containment system, with closed off aisles independent from the IT-racks – unusual in the data centre market.

The Next Generation Corridor is the ultimate answer to the ever-increasing demand for modular solutions, with an expansion in the number of racks meaning additional containment can be added.

The Nexpand cabinet platform is designed around four key values: Smart, Solid, Secure and Sustainable. Discover more here

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Products from this range form part of a wider portfolio of solutions that optimise energy efficiency in buildings.
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