Legrand unveils new development programme for connected devices



Connected devices are fast becoming an integral part of our everyday lives, leading to the growth of smart solutions and smart buildings. To facilitate the greater dialogue between Legrand’s portfolio of connected devices – including A/V equipment, door entry systems and lighting controls – and internet-enabled devices, the company has unveiled its new development programme: Eliot.

The Eliot programme, which is part of Legrand’s ongoing innovation strategy, combines electricity and the Internet of Things (IoT), to deliver solutions that are innovative, connected, and most importantly, user-focused.

With the rapid growth of the IoT, Legrand aims to accelerate the development of its connected range with the help of Eliot. The Eliot programme will not only connect existing Legrand smart products, but will help with the further development of new intelligent devices, particularly in the fields of home automation, assisted living, security and lighting control.

Crucially, the aim of the Eliot programme is not just to produce connected devices, but to provide a valuable benefit to the end user given connected products are primarily designed to make everyday life easier.

What’s more, with growing interconnectivity, the confidentiality of user data is also a top priority. Legrand ensures data confidentiality with a highly secure cloud-based system alongside complying with local regulations.

Tony Greig, CEO of Legrand UK & Ireland, comments: “The Internet of Things is opening up a new era for the built environment through the industrial, commercial and domestic marketplaces and we are playing our part in that. The Eliot programme helps us to respond to the evolving needs of our customers and to enrich their daily lives through, an as yet unseen level of communication between our products and customers. What’s more, the simplicity of these products and their ease of use and installation, makes the connected home an achievable reality for every step of the property ladder.”