A home at the races: Newbury Racecourse



Where high adrenaline and excitement meets sophistication and exclusivity – Newbury Racecourse is a prestigious property development offering a truly unique opportunity to live around the edges of the town’s famed horserace tracks, surrounded by 300 acres of Berkshire countryside.

Once fully complete in 2020, the high-end complex will boast nearly 900 premium apartments, an on-site gym and a retail zone, meeting every need of the 21st century cosmopolitan homeowner. Taking luxury living to the next level, sophisticated security technology has been integrated throughout the apartments thanks to door entry innovations from Legrand’s Bticino range.  

All entrances are fitted with the Bticino Sfera entrance panel, which boasts a wide-angle Night & Day camera with advanced video quality, full CDVI online access control, and inductive loop function, as well as control speech synthesis. This ensures those with hearing or visual impairments can use the technology easily and confidently.

In turn, each apartment will be fitted with a Bticino Classe 100 hands free audio and video internal unit. Both simple and intuitive, the Classe 100 benefits from an attractive design, with a sleek interface and glass effect finish to marry with the modern furnishings of the rest of the apartment’s decor. 

Having developed a longstanding relationship with the housebuilder, David Wilson Homes, and contractor, Ilec-Imec, Paul George, Legrand Project Manager for Newbury Racecourse, took the products to the client and let them do the talking: “When looking at the original specification, the client was seeking a door entry system with a standalone intercom. However, we recommended upgrading the Bticino door entry system to utilise the CDVI online access control. We showed them the products and they were sold.”

What sets a system with online access control apart from a standalone intercom is the ease of maintenance and configuration, as all changes, such as updating keyfobs, can be carried out via a central PC, rather than requiring manual adjustments to the key card reader. Paul comments: “Not only does this provide optimum security with the door lock release function, but the enhanced technology is also far more in keeping with the overall premiere quality of the development as a whole.” 

Featuring simple 2 wire plug and play technology, the system is extremely easy to install. What’s more, it also gives developers the option to up-sell more advanced systems, such as the Bticino Classe 300X, to customers prior to moving in at no extra installation cost. “Thanks to the 2 wire structure, we were able to use existing cables to retrofit the original apartment blocks, minimising the time spent on the job. Such a large-scale project called for easy and quick installation, and this is what the Bticino range delivered”, says Paul.

Commenting on the installation, Daniel Pavely, Project Manager – Newbury Race Course at David Wilson Homes, said: “We needed technology that was not only intelligent and high performing, it also needed to look modern, sophisticated and smart. The Bticino range was perfect for this as it is minimalist and discreet - it actually adds to the contemporary feel of the home, rather than detracting from it like you may expect from more traditional door entry systems.”

Legrand’s Bticino range of door entry systems can accommodate any type of project - from the discreet yet elegant Classe 100, through to the latest Classe 300X video internal unit, which self-configures to the customer’s own Wi-Fi enabling them to manage video entry calls remotely via Legrand’s dedicated Door Entry App.

Key Facts

The project: Newbury Racecourse

The solution: Bticino door entry range was installed to not only add sophisticated security technology to the development but seamlessly marry door entry with the modern, sleek design of each apartment, achieved through the installation of Bticino Classe 100 internal units.