What's new

Innovation is one of our key driving forces. With an increasing investment in research and development (4.5% of sales) and around 4,000 active patents, Legrand focuses on maintaining a high rate of new product launches that present innovative solutions to the market.

The latest product launches and innovations for our cable management, power distribution and wiring device business units can be found below.


The new Zucchini distribution fuse board tap-off is specifically designed to meet the space-saving demands of urban high rise developments. Intended for use when multiple cut-out fuses are required, to enable sub circuits to be isolated without having to fully isolate the entire unit, the pre-configured fuse board is housed within a tap-off box that plugs straight onto the rising main busbar system.



At Legrand we bring your projects to life forming an infrastructure of connected devices to create smarter, more efficient buildings. 


The new range of Classe 300X video internal units allow you to transform every home into a connected home, effortlessly controlled by an app on a smartphone, whenever and wherever you are. 





We continually look for ways to improve our product ranges. In the case of cable management, every improvement we make has the installer in mind and is based around the three areas that make up our ‘Faster by Design’ ethos.