What's new

Innovation is one of our key driving forces. With an increasing investment in research and development (circa 5% of sales) and over 3,700 active patents, Legrand focuses on maintaining a high rate of new product launches that present innovative solutions to the market.

The latest product launches and innovations for our cable management, power distribution and wiring device business units can be found below.


Legrand’s innovative Swiftwire range features products that have been specifically designed for speed and ease of installation. The highly efficient mechanism combined with high grade galvanised wire creates a durable system that can provide a wealth of versatility to any project that requires suspension.



By providing products and services that make buildings more energy efficient and working together with our customers and partners, we can create solutions that meet relevant standards and legislation - while reducing energy waste and promoting long-term sustainable growth across the value chain.



From specialist solutions for data centres to cabling and connectivity for almost any data environment, Legrand’s Digital Infrastructure business unit comprises some of the most well-known brands in their specialist fields.


Electrak Lightrak is an adaptable plug and play system, with KNX and DALI technology, that offers unbeatable flexibility and speed of installation. It is designed to work in harmony with Electrak Buscom - and once installed, lighting and control devices simply plug in to the nearest outlet minimising the need for long cable runs. 



The new Synergy BS 13A socket features both USB Type-A and USB Type-C™ chargers to satisfy the requirements of today and tomorrow. Users can charge a broader range of devices from the same double socket, providing convenience and future-proofing the installation