Arteor™ with Netatmo | Connected living

In today’s world, digitalisation and networking are simplifying our lives and adding greater convenience. As technology transforms the way we work, communicate, travel and live, it also brings greater complexity. This is why Legrand has sought to make networked digital technology as easy as possible for designers, installers and users.

The result is the Arteor with Netatmo solution, combining innovative Netatmo smart home technology with Legrand‘s elegant and modular wiring accessories. Enhancing individual comfort and security in the connected home, it is quick and easy to install and will adapt to changing habits and needs over time.

Key features

  • Intelligent lighting control with connected wired and wireless options
  • Smart blind and curtain control
  • Scenario switches to simplify daily-life
  • Connected 1 gang and 2 gang socket outlets
  • Compatible with virtual assistants
  • Control remotely via the Home + Control app

Simple, adaptable, open

Arteor with Netatmo is a radio-based solution for the connected home. The intelligent products communicate with one another via radio Zigbee (2.4 GHz waveband), meaning there is no need for specific or extensive cabling. The products can be used to create individual solutions for a more customised feel at home. The Works with Legrand programme and Zigbee 3.0 certification allows the Arteor with Netatmo system to integrate and enhance third-party solutions. 

Home + Control app

All functions in an Arteor with Netatmo installation can be controlled on a smartphone or tablet via the Home + Control app, available for Android and iOS devices. The app allows users to conveniently turn individual lights on or off, control blinds, curtains and electrical appliances or to trigger more complex scenarios.