Zucchini cast resin transformers

The latest amendment to the European Commission’s Ecodesign Directive outlines the parameters transformers must adhere to in order to meet efficiency requirements, detailing the maximum load and no-load losses a transformer can record.

The European Commission estimates that as much as 2.5 per cent of all energy consumed by the EU is wasted through transformer losses. In line with the directive’s requirements, Zucchini Green T.HE transformers ensure a consistent reduction in energy consumption, resulting in financial savings, and a decrease of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere.

Prior to being supplied to the customer, Legrand cast resin transformers are individually inspected and must pass the acceptance and, when necessary, type tests, if they are required at the time of order. At the end of the acceptance tests a specific inspection certificate is delivered with each transformer.

Products from this range form part of a wider portfolio of solutions that optimise energy efficiency in buildings.
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Measurement of winding resistance

IEC 60076-1

Measurement of transformation ratio
and check of polarity and connections

IEC 60076-1

Measurement of short-circuit voltage and
losses due to load

IEC 60076-1

Measurement of no-load losses and
no-load current
IEC 60076-1
Insulation test with applied voltage IEC 60076-3
Insulated test with induced voltage IEC 60076-3
Measurement of partial discharges IEC 60076-11
TYPE TESTS (on request)  
Atmospheric impulse test                       IEC 60076-3
Temperature rise test IEC 60076-2
SPECIAL TESTS (on request)
Measurement of sound level                        IEC 60076-10
Short-circuit withstand test IEC 60076-11

Zucchini Green T.HE transformers

The EN 50588-1:2017 Standard requires that distribution transformers are built with the objective of ensuring high energy efficiency, while reducing the impact on the environment. Legrand is committed to contributing to sustainable technological development and fulfills the requirements of the EN 50588-1:2017 standard by introducing the Zucchini Green Transformer High Efficiency (Green T.HE).