Solutions for energy efficiency in buildings

Legrand – a capable and reliable supply partner that:

• delivers innovation    • offers market leading low carbon solutions    

• delivers very high standards of corporate responsibility

Working together we can create solutions that deliver less carbon to the environment.

As a world-leading specialist in electrical and digital infrastructures for buildings, Legrand is committed to ensuring that everyone can use electricity in a sustainable way.

Energy efficiency is one of the features of the Green Building.  The goal to Green Building transformation is based on sustainable practices at every level. 

All of the value chain is impacted:


The Legrand group has been committed for many years, with its customers and partners, to developing a continuous improvement process and guaranteeing the responsible, profitable and long-term growth of its business.

For this reason, the Group intends to provide a response to the environmental, economic and social problems of the present and the future.

For information on the key drivers of energy efficiency, a simple four-step vision of how to approach an energy efficiency plan and an outline of some of the key technologies that can help to make it happen, download our litepaper 'Navigating the energy efficiency maze' download PDF

To find out how we can help you to save energy or to discover more about the actions and tools Legrand uses to deliver a more sustainable future for all its partners contact us

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Green transformers

Legrand offers a wide range of high quality transformers that guarantee a reduction in energy consumption as per the new European Commission regulation 548/2014 as well as a cost saving and reduced CO2 emissions.

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High efficiency busbar

Legrand’s high efficiency busbar conforms to BS EN 61439-6 and is the most efficient, adaptable solution for distributing medium to large power, supplying light fittings in warehouses, offices and any space where speed and compactness of installation offers tangible benefits.

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Power quality and power factor correction

Reactive energy is billed at the same rate as active energy leading to an increased electricity bill.   Improving power quality and power factor can help to reduce this. 

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By installing Legrand’s high efficiency static continuity units (UPS) you can considerably reduce energy consumption.  The modular three-phase range of UPS, thanks to its energy efficiency, enables you to obtain a considerable saving in life time costs.

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Cold corridor

Legrand supplies a range of cold corridor products to enable you to reduce your PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) which is an indicator for measuring the energy efficiency of a data centre.

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Air conditioning

Minkels, a brand of Legrand, offers a wide range of flexible and energy efficient cooling solutions to offer the best possible data centre solution in all circumstances and for every situation, whether for a small server room or a large data centre, newly built or existing office buildings, high or low capacity per rack or air or water cooling.

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Smart PDUs

The PX Intelligent Rack PDU series provides reliable power distribution for IT equipment cabinets. It offers metering at the inlet, outlet, and PDU circuit breaker level.

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Energy management and supervision

The Legrand measurement and supervision system has been developed with the aim of managing energy consumption inside the building, guaranteeing reliability and continuity of service, for maximum energy efficiency.

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Lighting controls

CP Electronics is a world leader in helping organisations to achieve their energy consumption objectives. We benefit from over 40 years in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge energy saving controls for heating, lighting and ventilation.

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Lighting management distribution

Buscom is at the heart of Electrak’s lighting control solutions…distributing both power and communications within a single busbar trunking system, it provides a flexible and simple alternative to traditional wiring or prefabricated systems.

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HVAC control

The Legrand zone temperature control system is a fundamental element which allows energy savings of up to 30%.

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Time switches

Time switches allow a reduction of electrical consumption and cost saving.

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