Starline Track Busway

The industry-leading electrical power distribution system in medium power, Starline Track Busway, is ideal for retail, industrial and higher education markets – or for any facility where flexible power is needed.

100 & 225 AMP SYSTEMS

System configurations include straights, elbows and tees which assemble to create a plug-and-play power distribution system that revolutionises the way environments operate. Ideal for supplying large amounts of power to mission critical environments.

Key features:

  • Reconfigure power connections easily with no rewiring necessary
  • Simple to install with little to no maintenance required
  • Customisable plug-in units
  • Patented u-shaped copper busbars
  • Continuous, reliable power connection
  • Optional integrated metering
  • Accessories available including infrared (IR) windows, specialised brackets for mounting and hanging loads and closure strip
  • Available in a variety of colours

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