Legrand - LCS³

Legrand LCS³ cabling systems currently provide high-quality connectivity to more than 200 million devices. The Legrand Group is a world leader in communication networks for data transmission. Its investment in the development and design of structured cabling systems and solutions has enabled it to expand its offer and achieve the highest level of performance.

LCS³ offers a complete structured cabling solution for both fibre and copper. Its unique design means mixed media patch panels can be loaded forward-facing making for faster installations and modifications.


19" freestanding enclosures and wall-mounted cabinets designed to be easy to install and totally functional.  Key features include pre-cut top and bottom cable entries, removable side and rear panels for improved access and reversible flat safety glass door. 


A standalone solution that integrates into any installation. Supplied with an innovative cord locking system that prevents accidental disconnection and guarantees absolute safety.



Other time saving mechanisms built into the LCS³ design include:

  • POE++ ready connectors
  • Push and connect panel system
  • Automatic earth connection
  • High density patch panels



LCS3 - RJ45 connector overview

Take a look at our foolproof RJ45 connectors ranging from Cat5e to Cat 8.

LCS3 - installing RJ45 connectors

Learn how to install our RJ45 connectors with a toolless easy locking system.

LCS3 - extractable patch panels

See just how easy it is to install and remove our LCS3 patch panels with push button extraction.

LCS3 - high density cassette panels

Learn more about our high density panels offering a fibre/copper mix on modular cassette panels or drawers. Take a look.

LCS3 - panel accessories

Take a look at the range of panel accessories we have to offer including blanking modules and blank panels.

LCS3 - cord management

Take a look at how easy it is to organise cables/cords with LCS3 cord management.

LCS3 - modular fibre optic drawer

Our modular fibre optic drawer makes it easy to move, add and change blocks.

LCS3 - fiber optic block

Our innovative, quick fixing fibre optic solution, makes it easy to install and remove modular blocks.

LCS3 - quick-fix solution for fibre optic drawers

Our innovative quick-fix solution provides automatic mounting and push button removal of our fibre optic drawers. Take a look.

LCS3 - quick-fix solution for patch panels

See just how easy it is to install and remove our patch panels with our quick-fix solution.