Netatmo is a leading smart home company that creates simple, beautiful, smart solutions for a safer and more comfortable home. Simply and intuitively, Netatmo helps users take control of their homes.

The carefully designed mechanics, electronics and embedded software in all Netatmo products meet the highest standards, along with mobile and web applications that are simple to operate, yet deliver a rich user experience.


Benefits of the Netatmo Pro programme

Netatmo Pro was developed to support installers (electricians, plumbers, security installers etc) who are looking to expand their business by offering installation of Netatmo smart devices to their customers and prospects.

There are many advantages of becoming a Netatmo Pro here are just some of them:

  • Exclusive 4 year warranty – free warranty extension on Netatmo Pro product references
  • Smart home training – complete online Netatmo product training courses to gain Netatmo Pro certification
  • Find new customers get listed on the Netatmo website for each product training course you complete, the more you complete the more exposure your business gets

Simply sign up on the Netatmo Pro website and take your first test online test.

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The Netatmo Pro range

Smart video doorbell
See who's at the door and answer it from anywhere

The smart video doorbell allows users to see and talk to visitors wherever they are via a smartphone and receive real-time alerts with smart person detection. Easy to install by replacing current wired doorbells and compatible with Apple HomeKit. All features available without subscription.
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Smart thermostat
Comfort and energy savings combined

The thermostat creates a tailored heating schedule based on five questions about day-to-day usage. The thermostat can be controlled remotely from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Plus, its just as easy as installing a traditional thermostat. Can be installed wired or wirelessly.
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Additional smart radiator valve
The right temperature in every room at all times

Netatmo radiator valves are compatible with 90%* of hot-water radiators thanks to the 10 adaptors provided. Check compatibility at Up to 20 radiators can be controlled in 10 different rooms for even more efficiency.
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Smart outdoor camera
Real-time alerts so action can be taken if an intruder enters the property

The camera can tell the difference between a person, an animal, a vehicle and a harmless movement. All features relating to the camera, including the storage of videos, are available without subscription. It can be easily set up in 30 minutes. 
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Smart outdoor camera with siren
Sends real-time alerts and deters intruders

All the benefits of the smart outdoor camera plus the user can trigger the integrated siren from their smartphone when a person or vehicle is detected. The powerful 105-dB alarm then deters the intruder. Like the smart outdoor camera, all features are available without subscription and setup takes only 30 minutes. 
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Smart indoor camera

Real-time alerts so action can be taken if there is a break-in

Familiar face or stranger? With facial recognition and detailed notifications, the camera only sends alerts when necessary. All features relating to the camera, including the storage of videos, are available without subscription. Create a complete smart alarm system with the indoor camera, siren and sensors. 
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Smart door and window sensors - Indoor camera accessories
Alert triggered even before a break-in occurs

Placed on any door or window, they pick up on any movement or vibration that suggests someone is trying to force their way in. You can install up to 12 sensors per indoor camera. 
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Smart indoor siren - Indoor camera accessories
Deters intruders to better protect the home against burglaries

Using facial recognition, the camera sends a warning to a smartphone if there is a break-in, while the siren automatically sets off its 110 dB alarm. Use one siren per indoor camera.
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* Estimated rate of compatibility between Netatmo smart radiator valves and radiators in Europe thanks to the ten adaptors provided in this package and the four adaptor packs sold separately.