Connected Living

Technology for smarter homes 

Smart homes are becoming part of our everyday lives. From controlling the heating levels of our living rooms to seeing who is at the front door, we are in control of our homes like never before.

People across the country are starting their individual journeys, realising the potential of the latest technology. Managing energy consumption, identifying heat performance and switching on the lights – complete control is at the tips of our fingers.

Smart home technology has the power to improve lives – from greater comfort and security to creating a more sustainable way of living. Whatever stage of the journey you are on, Legrand Connected Living has the products, expertise and support to ensure your needs are met.

Whether you're installing for the first time, looking to increase your skillset, or want to add smart technology to your next project, Connected Living is more than just products. With training programmes, renowned product and installation support and a network of approved installers and distributors across the UK and Ireland, Legrand is here for you, every step of the way.

What is a smart home?

  • Devices throughout the home can be controlled via a smartphone
  • Facilitates the management and monitoring of the home remotely as well as coordinating each device to automatically respond to a person’s preferences
  • Complements everyday living through the harmonisation of smart devices

What is a Legrand smart home?

  • Bespoke – A range of standalone devices and wired and wireless systems that create a comfortable, secure and sustainable smart home
  • Simple – Simple to use, subscription-free products and apps designed with the user and installer in mind
  • Robust – Reliable and secure home automation that uses latest technologies including Zigbee 3.0
  • Adaptable – A Legrand smart home allows users to create a home that adapts over time to suit their habits, schedules and lifestyle
  • Continued support – Our experts are here to support you every step of the way. We also have a large selection of product guides, technical information, training programmes, videos and much more




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How does Legrand support the 'Internet of things'? 

Eliot is the connected devices program launched in 2015 by Legrand to speed up deployment of its Internet of Things offering. Thanks to Eliot, millions of Legrand users are now experiencing connected life every day. Switching the light on or off by voice control has become standard. Remotely controlling the emergency lighting in buildings is becoming the norm. So, backed up by Eliot, new connected solutions are created on a daily basis. In parallel, with dynamic interoperability, new services and features are imagined every day. Eliot is now deployed all over the world and creates a lasting improvement in the experience of Legrand users. Find out more about the Eliot programme here.

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