EZ-Path® fire stopping devices

EZ-Path is a mechanical device that provides fully compliant fire stopping for power and data cable management pathways.
It is easy to fit and/or retrofit and does not require a specialist fire contractor for system maintenance or upgrades.
This versatile permanent automatic firestop system is suitable for any structure from concrete walls to lightweight partitions.


  • Firestop certification guaranteed throughout the entire lifetime of the electrical installation
  • Totally safe seal, with or without cables
  • Factory pre-calibration and empty/full certification of the intumescent materials


  • The EZ-Path assembly is fixed mechanically: the ideal answer for cable pulling requirements
  • Automatic, mechanical cable feed through solution
  • It is easy to pull cables, whether or not they are pre-fitted with connectors, using a simple wire puller


  • The modules, which are suitable for all types of wall, can be assembled and installed horizontally or vertically to form a sturdy unit
  • Guaranteed flexibility without affecting the integrity of the fire wall: no training or tools are required to add equipment or change configuration, and no dust or debris are created


The EZ-Path grommet provides fire stopping for individual and small bundles of cables through fire rated, solid or partition walls. The device is moulded from premium plenum plastic and incorporates an intumescent foam core, ensuring fire stopping for up to two hours.


Simply place the cables in one side of the grommet then snap together to create a fire stopping solution without the need for sealants, insulated fire sleeves or intumescent putty.


  • Digital TV cables within multi-dwelling buildings
  • Alarm and security system cables
  • Data and fibre optic cables

EZ-Path® is a registered trademark and is manufactured by Specified Technologies Inc. (STI)


EZ-Path fire stopping devices

EZ-Path - The easy to install, secure, safe, permanent fire stopping device - Protection against flame propagation, smoke and toxic gases whether the device is filled with cables or not - Evolutionary and economical - add or remove cables without having to modify the installation at great cost - Conforms to the European standard EN1366-3, BS476/20, ASTM E814 and DIN4102-9