Switch on the potential of home security and safety solutions



As the appetite for home automation continues to grow, Richard Hayward, lead marketing manager for Legrand’s wiring devices business, discusses the opportunities that home security and safety solutions present to the electrician.

We live in a safety conscious society where protecting the home from external threats and improving the quality of life of home occupants, is paramount. Naturally, these factors have influenced the development and introduction of home safety and security automation products throughout the market. From entry-level to fully integrated controls, there is a solution for every home and therefore an opportunity to up-sell for the electrician.

What is important to remember, is that home security is about more than simply installing an alarm in the home. Technology has advanced and from simple standalone solutions such as door entry systems through to a fully integrated lighting and CCTV solution – the opportunities are endless. Likewise, gone are the days where home automation installations were limited to specialists or custom installers; there are now opportunities for all.

The challenge for electricians therefore is to start exploring the technology available, and begin to understand the transition required, in order to install and programme smart technology. For example, the budding smart electrician may be surprised to know that the same technology is used for both door entry systems as it is for lighting controls, so once one technology is mastered, you have the basics for other aspects too.

Crucially however, electricians must also have an understanding of end-user requirements and the technologies available, in order to successfully tap into the market. For the elderly or those with small children for example, something as simple as skirting sensors or Passive Infrared Red (PIR) sensors, can provide enormous peace of mind. PIR motion sensors for example can automatically activate lighting systems when they sense movement – helping to light the way to the bathroom at night time perhaps.

Another increasingly popular technology, across a broad variety of properties, is door entry systems and as the technology becomes more stylish, and easy to install, this trend is expected to continue. Take the Biticino range of door entry systems as a prime example, on one level it provides people with the secure access control that they demand but secondly it is available in a ready-to-install door entry kit, utilising 2 wire technology, making it easy for electricians to install.

It is clear that with an eager customer-base looking for the latest technologies to safeguard their homes and families, and a breadth of product solutions to match, the onus is now on the electrical installer to deliver. My advice is to do your own research and get ahead of the market, and I predict those who do, will see their business grow no end.