Raritan joins Legrand



Legrand today announced the completion1 of its acquisition of Raritan, Inc., a frontrunner in intelligent power distribution units (PDU) and keyboard, video mouse (KVM) switches in North America.

This acquisition will help strengthen Legrand’s positions in digital infrastructure, a market offering promising prospects given the continuous rise in data volumes flowing through residential, commercial and industrial buildings, notably due to rapid growth of connected devices (Internet of Things).

Based on acquisitions already announced and their likely date of consolidation, the total change in the scope of consolidation in 2015 should boost consolidated sales for the year by around +1.5%2.

1 Acquisition subject to standard conditions precedent when announced in the press release dated June 16, 2015

2 As noted on July 30, 2015, when first-half results were released, readers are reminded that the change in the scope of consolidation estimated for the full year of 2015 was +1.9% ; this was consistent with the completion of the acquisition of Raritan, Inc. that, on July 30, 2015 was expected in the course of August 2015.