Legrand's new Vantage touch screen offers the ultimate in personalised control



In response to consumer demand, Legrand has simplified the complex and launched a touch screen that is intuitive and can be easily personalised to each user.

The Vantage Equinox 41 not only offers minimalistic on-wall presence with a stylish 4.3" black glass to edge touch screen, it is also customisable allowing for control of multiple functions, such as lighting, audio and heating, to effortlessly create breathtaking scenarios.

In addition, presence detection sensors automatically ‘wake-up’ the touch screen to a desired scenario whilst light sensors adjust the brightness of the screen according to ambient light conditions.

Richard Hayward, lead marketing manager for Legrand’s building automation systems, comments: “For over 25 years the Vantage range has been renowned for its tailored control and automation of luxury spaces. We have listened to customer feedback and in response developed an interface which can evolve and adapt to the user’s changing needs and preferences. Equinox 41 users can efficiently create a personalised environment using simple on-screen tap and swipe navigation – just like using a smartphone.

“Furthermore this experience can be extended beyond the touch screen using the Equinox tablet and smartphone apps for iOS and Android which have been specifically designed to replicate the look and feel of the touch screen. This gives the user a consistent, familiar experience across the whole family of devices and apps.”

Equinox touch screen and mobile app user interfaces offer extensive options to simplify control. Once configured by a Vantage installer, the user can easily adjust and save settings creating an individual profile dashboard. Each dashboard can then be accessed through a simple on-screen drop-down.

Equinox 41 follows the release of the Equinox 73 and 40 touch screens and mobile apps last year and continues Vantage’s expanding line of intuitive in-wall LCD keypads, touch screens and apps that offer the ultimate user experience in luxury spaces.