Legrand launches wire suspension system



Legrand has unveiled its new wire-based suspension system, Swiftwire. Able to suspend products from Legrand’s overhead cable management and lighting busbar portfolio, it offers fast installation compared to traditional threaded rod suspension systems; while also improving health and safety on site.

The Swiftwire system has third party approved safe working loads and comprises of high tensile grade (1960N/mm2) galvanised or stainless steel wire and a single diecast mechanism featuring two independent locking channels for maximum joint security. Available in five different sizes, the mechanism’s housing is made from Zamac 5 with stainless steel springs and wedges making it ideal for use in many corrosive environments.

The key-free adjustment on the Swiftwire mechanism allows the system to be quickly and easily adjusted to enable accurate installation. The mechanism’s ergonomic design allows easy installation and handling while wearing gloves.

As well as being significantly quicker to install than threaded rod systems, Swiftwire also requires less material to complete equivalent jobs. A 100m threaded rod installation would typically require 34 x 3m lengths of rod, with a combined weight of approximately 45kg. The same installation using the Swiftwire system would require just 7kg of wire to complete, promoting easier manual handling on-site, and easier transportation of Swiftwire to the site. What’s more, Swiftwire is easy to cut with a simple hand tool and does not require power tools or hot work permits.

The Swiftwire system is also available in a selection of application-specific packs which come complete with all relevant wire, fixings and mechanisms, which allows for more efficient project management.

Pre-packed wire systems complete with eye and loop ended wires are also available to facilitate wrap-around installations including beams, purlins, roof trusses and other existing features. Specific packs are also available to facilitate trapeze installations of the Legrand cable management product portfolio, with multiple containments running in parallel. For concrete ceilings, a series of packs including a variety of concrete anchor fixings are available; while the range will also include additional fittings to help secure to other ceiling types.

Mark Williams, Lead Marketing Manager – Cable Management at Legrand UK & Ireland, comments: “While threaded rod has often been a go-to solution for supporting overhead cable management and busbar installations, it undoubtedly adds significant material and labour costs onto a project; not to mention increasing health and safety risks due to prolonged periods working at height.

“Given the volume of power and data cabling solutions needed to support most commercial and industrial buildings, making the switch to a wire-based suspension system can drastically decrease installation times for contractors. The Swiftwire system from Legrand combines ergonomic handling with a fast-acting clip mechanism and high-strength wire that can be cut to length in a matter of seconds.

“In short, it provides a fast, safe and highly effective method of supporting cable and power distribution systems throughout commercial and industrial buildings.”