Corporate social responsibility

At Legrand, Corporate Social Responsibility lies at the foundation of our business, our development strategy and the new challenges we face.

For many years now, Legrand has worked with its customers and partners to ensure profitable, lasting and responsible growth in its operations. This is how we meet the environmental, business and social challenges facing the world today and tomorrow.

Our aim is to innovate to offer sustainable solutions to our users, to act ethically towards society, and to make a commitment to and with the Group’s 38,000 employees. All the while limiting our impact on the environment.

At the heart of its business Legrand's CSR strategy is based on three points:

Behind each of these CSR issues, Legrand has defined priorities for the period 2019-2021. These priorities constitute its CSR roadmap.

2019 - 21 roadmap

Our 2019-21 roadmap sets out the Group’s key CSR commitments for the period. In particular, it specifies the priorities the Group has set for itself to work on between now and 2021. The annual tracking of indicators relating to these priorities provides a measure of the Group’s CSR performance.

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Legrand... a responsible partner

Selecting Legrand as your supplier ensures a partner that delivers innovation, offering market leading low carbon solutions in addition to very high standards of corporate social responsibility. Working together we can create solutions that deliver less carbon to the environment.

Commitment from the Legrand Group Worldwide

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