Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

At Legrand we are committed to improving lives and this means creating a more sustainable world for everybody.

As a specialist in electrical and digital infrastructure, we provide solutions for buildings that are simple, innovative and sustainable in their usage and by design. By working hand in hand with our partners as well as further improving our internal processes our aim is to reduce and, if possible, eliminate the negative impact our activities have on the environment and the communities we work with.

To achieve this, reducing our carbon footprint and developing a circular economy approach within our activities are our priorities. In addition, we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, while being a responsible business in our day-to-day relationships with all our stakeholders, especially our employees, customers and suppliers.

We have laid out our CSR commitments in four main areas, which bring together the most tangible challenges for us and our stakeholders.

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Legrand... a responsible partner

Selecting Legrand as your supplier ensures a partner that delivers innovation, offering market leading low carbon solutions in addition to very high standards of corporate social responsibility. Working together we can create solutions that deliver less carbon to the environment.

Commitment from the Legrand Group Worldwide

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