the specialist in busbar systems and cast resin transformers

Zucchini is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of busbar power distribution systems. With one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market, Zucchini offers solutions from 25 A lighting busbar through to 6,300 A high power systems, including rising mains.

Zucchini's cast resin transformers are used in a vast range of applications and represent the most reliable answer for distribution systems, power production, rectification, traction and special requirements.


Zucchini busbar systems

The Zucchini range of busbar trunking systems offers a simple and cost effective alternative to traditional cabling when installing lighting and power distribution systems in both commercial and industrial environments.

Medium voltage transformers

The EdM cast resin range from Zucchini answers every market need for high power, medium voltage transformers.

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