Industrial plugs, sockets and combination units

A choice of plugs, sockets and combination units, each designed to meet the individual needs of specific areas of the market. From the everyday simplicity of  P17 Tempra to the rugged sophistication and additional security presented by Hypra, which is further enhanced by its unique interlocked load break Prisinter sockets range.


Hypra PrisinterHypra Prisinter sockets

With its unique interlocked load break, the Prisinter is a key asset to the Hypra range and is available in 16, 32 and 63 A ratings.


  • Unique interlocked load break
  • Padlockable cover
  • Compact combined socket and switch
  • Surface and panel mounting options
  • Available in plastic and metal versions

Hypra plugs and socketsHypra plugs and sockets

The Hypra range is aimed at installations where maximum durability is a must, including the nuclear, chemical and process industries. 

The highest levels of protection and reliability

Available in IP44 and IP66/67-55 rated versions and manufactured in Polyamide 67, Hypra plugs and sockets are ideal for use in harsh and demanding environments.

The plastic and rubber units are IK09 rated, while the class leading metal units are IK10 - the highest rating for impact.

  • Full range of straight and angled plugs, mobile sockets, appliance inlets and panel mounting sockets
  • Available in plastic and metal versions

P17 Tempra plugs and socketsP17 Tempra plugs and sockets

P17 represents the best value and is ideally suited for applications where power requirements can change from day to day, including building sites and other temporary locations. 

Simplicity, innovation and value

The two part plugs and mobile sockets feature a simple twist-lock action that reduces assembly time by incorporating a membrane gland entry with screwless cable clamp. 

  • Full range of plugs, mobile sockets, appliance inlets and panel mounting sockets
  • Available in plastic only


Hypra combination unitHypra combination units

Tough and durable units available with Hypra Prisinter or panel mounting sockets. 


  • Available with Hypra Prisinter or Hypra panel mounted sockets
  • RCD, MCB or RCBO protection options

P17 Tempra combination units

P17 Tempra combination units

These units feature a plug-in design that enables the base to be wired independently of the cover, making installation both quicker and easier.

  • Available pre-assembled, or as self assembly version
  • Available with or without protection
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